Hey what’s up? It’s M A Hasan, You may call me Hasan. I’m a Freelance Web & Hybrid Android iOS Apps Developer born & raised in Bangladesh, Working from Dhaka.

I am also an outsource contractor at Upwork.com. Love to dig into deep, travel, listen music and watch movies. Fluent in HTML, CSS, CSS3, Bootstrap, Vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, fighting to enrich me every day.

I was lucky enough to work with 150+ individual clients and companies around with world, developed 300+ websites myself from scratch, designs and specifications were provided by clients. Developed custom extensions like Components, Modules, Plugins for Joomla as well as Plugins for WordPress.

I know how to play with Joomla it’s Theme and Content, Complex Extensions, WordPress Themes & Plugins.
Since Ionic Framework is on, i was fascinated by the web technologies they use that helps build Android, iOS as well as Web apps from a single source code base. So i started exploring Angular and Ionic to develop interactive hybrid apps.

Using Powerful REST API created by WordPress and WooCommerce, I started developing online store apps since Ionic 2 on action with Angular.

Coded hundreds of thousands lines of codes in Ionic Angular environment, I have around 10+ apps in production, available to download from AppStore and PlayStore, all are developed using Ionic 5 Angular and Cordova.

Integrated social media logins like Facebook login, Google login with our Ionic 5 apps. Learning never ends and i love to do so. Please keep my in your prayers.

Officially, I am an Instructor at Udemy and Author at Envato

Interesting? Wanna know a bit more? Please Visit Hasan.Online